Happy New Year!
Like many of you, the HTME team has had a busy holiday season and we're ready for 2016!  That's why we're taking this week off from our regular release schedule (Tuesday & Thursday) to get ready to start 2016 with a bang.  Starting next week you can be on the lookout for the conclusion of our "Book" series as well as trailers for our upcoming series from our time spent traveling in Mexico.

You've also likely noticed that we revised some of our rewards and milestones.  We're really excited about our new series, "Meet The Makers."  If you haven't already seen the trailer you can view it here: 


We've been able to produce several episodes to give you a taste of what the series would look like, but to keep it going we really need to reach that first milestone.  So please share our patreon page with your friends and family as you gather for the new year. 

Together, with your support, we will make 2016 a really great year!