Happy New Year
Happy New Year from Apptronica! Thanks for your generous patronage and support in 2015.

2016 is sizing up to be a big year for Apptronica, and we’re making a few changes in order to provide better opportunities for our artists, particularly in the areas of fan support and communication.

The first big change is that we are downgrading the Bandcamp label page to only show label compilations. Moving the artist profiles out of the label opens up some features to the artists not currently available to artists assigned to a label. The biggest advantage is that artists can now offer individual subscriptions to fans, which opens up direct communication and removes the need for download codes. The upside is that subscription fees go directly to the artist and subscribers receive new releases in their collections automatically. The downside is that codes for those releases are no longer available to the label, but we’re all ok with that compromise.

What this means to you as a Patreon supporter is that you will no longer receive download codes for artist releases as a reward for donating. I do plan on catching up with the code distribution for the last couple of months soon (and I appreciate your patience), but codes for the December releases will be the last sent out. I still plan on providing codes for label compilations and such, although those will of course be less frequent than artist releases.

I would be more than happy to see current patrons move to support individual artists through their subscription plans for those artists who choose to offer them. Of course, I’m grateful for your continued support for the label if you choose to continue donating via Patreon.

Here are the currently available artist subscriptions, with more to follow soon:



Martin Neuhold: