Ok, maybe it's a bit early, but I wanted to let you know about my New Years resolution before the new year starts.

Last year my resolution was to add human characters to Skitter to  make things a bit more relatable.  So 2016 saw the introduction of Luna, the little girl who was afraid of spiders.  Later I even included myself... and Kate, my fianceè.  I think the human element added a lot to the overall appeal of the strip.  

THIS year I plan to shake things up once again to help make Skitter better.  My resolution for 2017 is to fix up older strips that aren't quite good enough, and to remove some strips that are downright bad.

 My inspiration for this approach came from an audiobook I listened to about writing stand up comedy called "Step-by-Step To Stand-Up Comedy ".  Turns out there isn't a whole lot of difference between comic strips and stand-up.  I learned a lot, specifically why my bad strips failed and why my good ones succeeded.   There is a formula to comedy. 

What comedians do to improve their routines is try their material out on smaller audiences first to see what works.  Then they change or eliminate jokes based on the audience reaction.   I think this approach can apply to humorous webcomics as well.  So what I'm going to do is approach Skitter more like a stand-up comedy routine. 

Based on audience reaction as well as "the formula", I've picked a few strips to improve or eliminate.   I've reworked a couple already because they were simple dialogue changes.  A few strips will take a fair bit of work to change. In 2017 I'll be releasing one of these 'redos' in place of a completely new strip each week.  So that means one new strip and one redo strip for a while.

I hope you guys understand what it is I'm tryin' to do and stick with me through the few changes I'll be making the first part of 2017.  Don't worry, there won't be many.   I'm really dedicated to making Skitter a success and I think this repair job will help a lot.    


- John

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