Happy New Year
A classic traditional Scottish tune- Banjo, tin whistle and fiddle. I'll just add in a little tempo change and maybe some guitar.

Okay, a couple more tempo changes. And some drums and bass. And four more guitar lines.

Plus some backing vocals. Actually a choir. And a string section. Maybe some timpani and cymbals. Does it need horns? Sure. Why the fuck not. There's absolutely nowhere to squeeze in the woodwinds, but fuck it- This is just how this thing is going to happen: 30 seconds of Celtic folk, a minute of celtic rock, and three minutes of slowly devolving orchestral train wreck with seven goddamned tempo changes. Plus another fucking choir and some sitar because really what the hell difference does it make at this point.

By the way, back me on Patreon. For as little as $2, you'll get to download this first thing tomorrow morning- Finished or not, because it's the last goddamned day of 2016 and fuck this shit.