Happy New Year!
Its 2017! I hope you liked the end of the year surprises you received! (: I'm excited for what this year will bring. I am aiming to be a lot more consistent with everything this year (though don't hold me to that until February 1st, when all the chaos that is is my life right now calms down). 

With that said, I have made a couple big changes to this Patreon. First I have switched to an upfront payment plan. Normally patrons are charged at the end of the month for that month's worth of content. It seems more fitting to charge at the beginning of the month, like most subscription plans. This doesn't change anything for you (except that you basically got a month free lol).

The other big change is in the effort of making it easier for me to be consistent, I've simplified the tiers. I felt too constricted trying to give a set list of items in each box. Also remembering when people get what was hard. So now the box desceriptions are simplified and the ship months for the tiers are now global. So depending on when you sign up, you will get the next scheduled box for the tier you choose.

EDIT: Even more updates!
My $5 Tier will also get an upgrade, since I'm slowly working to get back on track with the extra art. I want to give you guys something more because I've felt the tier is lacking compared to the others. So...5+ patrons will be getting the comic WIPs and more world building behind the scenes things. Basically, this tier will see a lot of things as they are progressing before the $1 tier gets the finished preview, if that makes sense.

And I'm actually going to start what I said a long time ago, about rewarding those who participate. So each month I'll be rewarding the best commenter (someone who leaves a comment that really sticks with me).

thank you for sharing this past year with me and joining me in 2017!

~Angelic Empyress 

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