Happy New Year!
Eyy, 2016 is in the past now~ I hope you all had a lot of fun during these winter holidays, played a lot of games, watched a lot of movies, ate tons of tasty food and visited your friends and families! 

I wasn't feeling festive during these holidays, unfortunately, and caught artblock-ish moods, but my friends were there to help me drag myself out of sadness =w= ♥ Advent Calendar, an event with mystery adoptables, is becoming my December tradition, so I spent a lot, A LOT of time drawing said adoptables! It was challenging, but amazingly fun! I didn't suffer from a huge burnout this time, and recovering didn't take a month, like it did in 2016 uwu

Had to postpone rewards delivery a bit, but I'm posting everything a bit later today! 

Thank you so much for your support and for staying with me uwu 

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