Happy new year!!

Hey folks!  I totally need to come up with a collective name for my fans, right?  Like Beyonce has the Beyhive and Justin has the Beliebers and Lady Gaga has Little Monsters.

Suggestions welcome.

Just wanted to give you an update.  It’s been a great month; I’ve had a bit of time off to work on stuff and get my life together, although it’s taken me a good week and a half to recover from New Year’s Eve.  I was performing at an immersive theatre party called Everybody Is Going To Die, run by the incredible magic makers The Boon Companions.  My roles included a nurse in an “old age” room, a paper crane-folder in the funeral parlour, and curtain assistant for a giant inflatable vagina.  You can see some photos from the night here if you’re interested:


I’ve tried parkour for the first time (awesome), jumped off an 8 metre cliff into the ocean (amazing), and I’ve locked in my producer for my next recording.

I’ll be working with the wonderful D.A. Calf  from The Institute; we have worked together on 3 separate immersive theatre/art pieces now.  He totally gets me artistically, is a beautiful person, has lots more experience than me at this kind of thing, and already has helped me know how to get started and on the right track.  You’ll all love him.  Check out his other projects The Book of Ships (they're on Spotify) and Bandmates.

The first group of songs I’ll be tackling are the ones I previously described as the “dark/intimate/melancholy” ones.  The track listing will not be set in stone yet, I’ll continue to write as we go through the process.

I’m determined to get this recording done before the end of this year, preferably long before.  However the planning for the release is almost as much work as the recording itself, so I’m not sure even roughly when it will be out.

In the meantime, I will be putting together a band for a separate project - finally getting something FUNKY happening.  More on that later but it involves one of my dearest friends, Adam Rudegeair of Lake Minnetonka  fame.

I’m in Tassie next week for MONA FOMA, if you’re around I’ll be wandering Faux Mo in a pretty amazing disguise… look for a kitty with the face made of light.  No, I’m not kidding, take that literally.

Love your faces guys, hope you’re all well and welcome to 2017!  Let’s make it an awesome one!  <3

Tilley xox

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