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Happy New Year's!
Happy January 1st, nerds! I hope your night was eventful but not too much, tipsy but not drunk, festive but not Times Square. :D

The Contest:

The winners for the contest were Andy Greenwood, Amber DiPixie, and Cait McFee. Congratulations, y'all, and thanks for spreading the love. When I get done posting TNOUL, I'll bundle this thing together as one volume and send it hurtling through the voids of the US Mail system straight to your hands. Be sure to drop your addresses in my inbox on here, or DM them to me on your preferred platform.

Just remember, even though the contest is over, I still need help from every last one of you--you've already done so much by jumping on here and becoming a patron. If you have it in your heart to do a little more, just fling this thing out for your friends and relatives to find. Link it up, if you like it. I completely believe the point of the patreon platform is to grow art organically, mostly by word of mouth. Your support--whether by ranting about it to your friends, by clicking the donate button, or by pasting links onto status updates--is a direct indication of whether or not what I'm doing is worthwhile. I live or die by your hands, but in the most beautiful way possible.

My Team:

In order to bring you the best possible version of this story that I can, I've assembled a crack team of lovelies who whip my incoherent manuscripts into shape. I've mentioned Trish, my beta-reader, and Anne, my crit partner/editor/general whip-bearer. But now I've been lucky enough to acquire the services of Vicki, my lovely new Brit-picker! She's jumped into the trenches to help me weed out pernicious Americanisms with wit and class.

Posting Schedule:

Check your inboxes or tune in right here on my profile every Friday for the latest chapter. I will try to get it up before noon, but we all know life and the universe sometimes intervene. As always, please drop likes and comments, or hit me up on the social media of your choice--I live for feedback and head-patting. It gives me courage.

All right kids. Enough hemming and/or hawing. I present the first two chapters of The Nightmares of Under-London. Enjoy!

<3 <3


edit, 10/1/18: as I am currently pursuing publication with TNOUL, all PDFs and whatnot are being pulled down. Thank you so much to those of you who have supported me since the "Eden" days... Wish me luck! <3