Happy News 2016. Forced Vacations.
So, it's a brand new year, and it's been a terrible last week of 2015 and first days of 2016.

Terrible as in terribly GOOD for social live, terrible-TERRIBLE for actually getting stuff done. Is up to you. Sho ga nai, huh?

Pretty much I haven't had time to make much this week, with thte exception of the animated SugoiBishojo No Problem style logo you can see at the top. I'm currently improving on it, there might be a tutorial at the end on how to make some of the effects used on it.

Will be back with TWO weeks on info on the first 2016 Quick Save and more visual stuff, as always. I'm also working on a sculpture. I know. Unexpected. There is no date for that.

On more personal stuff, i had a great birthday and an awesome new years party with the fam. I've also been playing Deponia and HalfLife2 Episode 2 both great games. 

I hope you dream of tentacles

xo, sb.

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