Happy November and Upcoming December Madness
Greetings friends and fiends! Packages are finally sent out for the November rewards (minus the one commission)! They should be arriving this week. Don't forget to take a look at your tier if you want to change it for December! **Cards are automatically charged on the first. Updates: I have 1.) added a new tier for Ornaments (just for December) , 2.) added a multi-print tier, and 3.) have adjusted the wording of the rewards to make it easier to understand. Anyone else who has that tier or above and wants an ornament - let me know and we can work it out (glass orb filled with pretty things and craziness) The insanity box will definitely get some. -- This weekend I am vending at Fandom Fest - an intimate horror convention. Last weekend I attended the Maleficium dark art show in Chicago (where I sold my 'Forgotten One' painting, yay! Getting ideas for upcoming work - I can't wait to get back to the studio and work on new pieces! -- The featured image is a new piece "The Shadow Maiden" currently on display in Chicago at the Maleficium show - there is a closing reception on December 16th!. I have prints of this one too! Thank you again. Happy November!
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