Happy October!
Thank you guys so much for your support, first of all! I wasn't expecting such kindness and generosity right from the get go. I really hope you've been enjoying what content I have so far!

I'd like to start off by telling you that this month's Patreon funds will be going towards the website where NOVA will be hosted. I've opted against using free websites to host the webcomic because I want to have total control over my media, and this way I can also format the website however I want. All in all, I want to present NOVA in a clean and professional way, so thank you all for your contribution so far!

The other thing I'd like to say is that you can expect to start seeing more consistent Patreon updates starting next week. Huzzah! I'll still be posting free examples for would-be patrons to get an idea of what to expect, so if at this time you choose not to pledge, there'll be content for you to enjoy.

If things change, then I'll keep you posted, but NOVA currently has an ETA of early November. The comic will be entirely free to read online, so keep an eye out! Thank you again!

- Keebs