Happy Passover + Sudden Jewish Storypoemthing
Dear everyone,

I'm wishing you a happy and kosher Passover, or if you're not celebrating it, a.... well, a set of nice days with great weather? (This year the beginning of Passover does not coincide with Easter.) Something like that. :)

If you've been following me on social media, you know that our basement got flooded with groundwater last week. We still have a bunch of industrial fans and a dehumidifier down there, and a giant mess, but it is drying out and very few things were actually damaged. Thank G-d we noticed the flooding early, but this resulted in us having had to carry all manner of things upstairs very rapidly - my body very much protested and is still protesting.

BUT!!! I just had a Jewish-themed flash-fiction-prose-poem-generally-uncategorizable THING published in the latest issue of Uncanny - a very strong issue in general, and one I am happy to have been included in.

Allow me to present The Size of a Barleycorn, Encased in Lead.

Reading my storypoemthing totally counts as Torah study, as far as I can tell. ;) Perusing the copious citations at the end even more so.

Enjoy reading, and now for some bonus notes:

I had the idea to this piece several years ago, but I just couldn't figure out how to write it. Originally it was supposed to be a kind of sandalpunk short story, but it didn't quite work. I gave up after multiple drafts which did not come out right. I did save everything including the Talmudic citations, and much later the whole thing turned into.... the present piece.

I separately wanted to write something about nuclear semiotics, and eventually it occurred to me to put the two together.


I use quasi-Biblical prose in my writing quite often, even when the piece in question is not particularly Jewish-themed. 

This time I went all out :D


Yes, G-d is really called "the Name" in Hebrew, it is a way to avoid saying divine names outside of prayer, and their possible desecration.

And now, back to finishing our Pesach cleaning. I hope you enjoyed this storypoemthing :)