Happy Patron Day
On the 5th of each month, my paycheck via Patreon comes into my account. In my mind, it's "Patron" day, a day where I'm incredibly grateful for each of you and the support that allows me to do what I do. 

I thought it might be nice if I did a corresponding THANK YOU post on the 5th of each month, sharing a snap shot of this month's rewards and upcoming events:

MARCH school visits

At one of the classrooms I visit this month, each student will receive their own Science Activity Book, courtesy of you guys! Thank you in advance. I'm very much looking forward to handing these out.

Creative Coauthor

I'm super excited to have this reward tier full. This month my creative coauthor said she didn't have a preference on what style or subject of book I made, so I put book types of book into one jar (coloring book, short story, field guide, cookbook, biography, picture book), and subjects into another jar, and I pulled out: Field Guide for Creosote Bush.

I've attached the files here for a 8.5x11 and 11x17 paper size, and A3 and A4 as well in case any European desert plant enthusiasts want to print themselves a copy. If you don't remember how to fold these, check out this video. 

Pen pals

If you're at the $20 or higher reward tier, no need to print these! A larger-size 11x17 booklet is going in the mail to you today.

Homeschool Conference

I'm heading to Texas for 4 days this month for a Homeschool Conference. Hoping to make some good connections, teach some good classes, and sell enough merchandise and books to cover the cost of my plane ticket and booth registration (Which means I want to sell more than $700 woth of stuff. Aim for the stars, right?)

Spring Break

Spring break also happens in March, and I've got plans for making a video or two. :) Stay tuned...

Thanks again for your support! If you'd like to print out and read your own pocket-sized field guide about the amazing desert plant known as the Creosote Bush, just click on the pdf below that corresponds to your preferred size of paper.