Happy Pride Month! Here's An Oldie, Updated!
Warm greeting to all my fellow gay nerds! I love you all very much! Here's a special little comic to kick off Pride Month! If you've followed me on social media, or on my blog for awhile, then you've seen the pencil version of this comic before, and if you happened to have gotten one of my Free Comic Book Day books, then you got to see this newly updated/inked/lettered version! Here it is making it's digital debut as a freebie for my wonderful Patrons!
It's a quickie, only three pages, but I'm doing them all at once for you cuz if I've learned one thing from Patreon, it's that I kinda suck at keeping up with a schedule :P
I swear I'm gonna have TWO big projects coming down the pipeline in July and August, full length projects that are gonna probably take the whole month to upload, so I might wanna try taking advantage of the "scheduled posts" feature on this danged web site.
In either case, Happy Pride to all! Remember, you're totally welcome at Pride even if you aren't queer in any way, just do your best to remember that it's an act of protest first and a party second. Not even a party for you, it's a party for your queer friends, you're a guest. Plz be respectful <3