Happy (rainy) Friday
Is it raining where you are? It's absolutely pouring here, but that's not going to get us down too much, because it's still nearly the weekend! Let's celebrate with the latest posts from Paper Droids.

Wayback: Kurt Vonnegut’s Galápagos

"Galápagos is not your typical apocalypse novel. There are no zombies. No insane retrograde warlords ruling tiny fiefdoms with horrendous violence. No roving bands of heroes. Kurt Vonnegut doesn’t seem terribly interested in gaudy explosions or deck-chair rearranging as the civilized world sinks." 

Kitfox Games Announces Cult Village Sim The Shrouded Isle

"Kitfox Games,the Montreal which has brought us such gems as this year’s Moon Hunters andShattered Planet, has just announced what they have in store for gamers in 2017. The result couldn’t be more perfect for an October announcement. The Shrouded Isle is a cult village simulator that promises to bring a new spin on the city/community manager game."

Countdown to Halloween: Sleepy Hollow (1999)

"Sleepy Hollow’s scare-factor is minimal, more gothic suspense than true fear. The gore is limited and now dated enough as to be laughable. For some, this may be in its favor as it provides enough creeping mists, fallen heads, and witching spells as to be atmospheric without anxiety."

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Have a great weekend everyone,

--The Paper Droids Team