Happy Sunday to our Patron fam! Just a quick update from us.
Hey guys Riley here. 

To go on from what I said in the above video I think that the best way to describe it would be calories spent per nautical mile covered - C/NM.  Now as I was saying you can spend all day outside walking around trimming sails pulling up the code 0 taking it down again but you're really only playing with the top 10% of your speed. When I first started I couldn't care less about this but I learned to love it and I think everyone does eventually after years of sailing, its just another unexpected thing to look forward to if your thinking of taking to the ocean. Having said that it really isn't in the realm of cruising which is what most people here are interested in, its more racing.  So with my C/NM equation... I would say that this boat requires much less than half the effort, maybe a third, to travel the same distance but to be safe lets just call it half. I could go on but I feel like I have answered the question. Cheers guys.