Happy Thank You Thursday!
Something that I never thought of when I was originally setting up my theme days: Thanksgiving falls on Thank You Thursday. Talk about a lucky accident! Anyway, I want to keep today's post pretty short to ensure that I have enough time to spend with my family today, but I wanted to extend a quick thank you to someone who, in a strange sort of way, is helping to facilitate the final version of my book: My brother, EJ.

EJ has graciously accepted my invitation to design the cover art for The Estate. He's one of the best artists I personally know, and I am honored that he will be doing my cover art. This invitation has tentatively extended to all future book releases from me. I'm excited to see the designs he comes up with - this book is coming together quite nicely, at least as far as first drafts go.

What are your plans for today? Let me know in the comments!

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