Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning! I am home from PAX South and finally done catching up on emails this morning. :D

PAX South was a lot of fun and I got to meet some great new people for the first time and also connect with friends I hadn't seen since PAX Prime.  I also was able to get access to a few games that I might be featuring on my channels very soon.  Overall it was a great success.

Most importantly the experience this past weekend helped realize again how important you are to me.  Without your support both financial and emotional keeps me excited to keep improving my work.  I know I often say I want to get your feedback and I mean it.  Whether what you want to say is positive or negative, I need to hear it.  Of course I am doing this because I enjoy it but I also want to entertain you.  So please keep suggestions and feedback coming my way.

That being said I wanted to let you know what is coming up in the following weeks for my channels.  The GopherCraft UHC 13 episodes will continue being released and I have linked to today's episode above.  Also RageCraft 3: The Prophecy also will continue.  Bakerbelle and I will be wrapping up Colour Your World early next week and will be diving into an entirely different game together in the very near future.  Hypermine is also going to be doing a UHC event this weekend and videos for that will start releasing on Valentine's Day my lovely, lovely friend.  I hope to participate in the February MHC this month but the info came out too late/close to PAX South so I couldn't get it done in advance.

After speaking with other Youtubers like KurtJMac & JSano  who are inspirations to me I have decided to focus more on the games & experiences that I have fun playing and creating.  I hope you enjoy this transition as games I have played in the past and some new games I want to play pop up on my channel.

Again Thank You for your support!

Cheers & Happy Gaming!

Matthew a.k.a. Scoti Garbidis