Happy Yén 15 of This Age! (A Post for Visitors)

Happy Yén 15 of this Age! 

On its first day, yestarë, of its first loa I am delighted to tell you of the completion of the wall calendar I have been preparing! 

Yesterday, mettarë, I ordered the first copies for print.

Every month displays one of my Tolkien-inspired Tengwarin artworks. It has calligraphed Elven month and weekday names. The space for each date includes the seasonal date or out-of-season day name even as the months fit the "modern" reckoning. The date-space contains:

1) the modern month-date in Tengwarin numerals - decimal and calligraphed in red ink for this purpose, 

2) the modern month-date in Arabic numerals,

3) the Elven seasonal date in Arabic numerals, 

4) the name in Tengwar of the Elven season, or of the out-of-season day name (calligraphed in black ink).

I have hand-drawn the originals of all other graphic art that is added to the calligraphy. Figuring out how to fit the things I want in a single date space has been a bit complicated, but next time it would be much easier and faster, now that I know how to most effectively make it. I will be able to add to that part of the design what I didn't have the time for now for the next loa.

The calendar is available in two sizes at parmaeldalieva.com.store. Should they want to get it, my supporters here will be having a discount (more information in a supporter only post). 

Welcome to the new loa and yén!