Harbinger of (kind of)bad news
Hi patrons!

I thought carefully about this, but I can't do anything else: I need to simplify backgrounds for the 30 USD tier commissions. I like the way it's challenging for me to add so many details but they take waaaaay too much time - they end up taking more time (and space) than the character itself, that is supposed to be the main thing in the drawing. Said so, I'll set up a new reward tier specific for that - halfbodies with detailed background - just in case. I'm sorry, but try to understand that commissions and such are my only income, and I can't afford to get only 30 USD for 4-5 days of work...

Yes, nobody asked me to add so many details everywhere, I recognize that. But, just simplify backgrounds from now on without saying anything seemed unrespectful to me, so that's it. 

TL;DR: halfbody with background commissions will have simpler backgrounds from now on; new tier for the ones who likes to risk (just kidding)