In the last few weeks I have been working on this game, I have not been sitting around waiting for a kickstarter to end. I have gotten close to the point in which I can really show off what I want this game to be. 

So far I have made 

-Entity Model Maker

-Construct Maker

-Single Biome World Generation WITH active world generation

-Day Night Cycle 

-Beginnings of Power implantation 

With world generation taking up most of the time, and me getting sucked into fine detail stuff. 

My  todo list looks like this. Things with a dash next to them means they have been done.


World Generation


.changeable render distance

.Despawn world when out of render distance



-.Entity Editor 

.Entity ai

.Block Entity

.Entity Spawn

.Power Entity

Power overhaul

.Damaging Strikes

.Move Entity over time

.Entity Decay



-Health System

World Save