Harem Boy, Part 1 Chapters

Koiya is captured and brought by a slave trader to the capital city of Maredonia to be sold as a harem boy. He attracts the attention of the region's two wealthiest noblemen--who also happen to be rivals. Eager to please his new Master, Lord Valgard, Koiya becomes the man's Favorite harem boy. But when put to the test, will Koiya betray his new Master to gain his freedom? Find out in Best-Selling Author Kira Takenouchi's engaging tale, Harem Boy. 

Music: Theme to Harem Boy, Part 1 

Music: Second Theme to Harem Boy, Part 2 

Chapter 1: The Auction 

Chapter 2: Valgard 

Chapter 3: The Favorite 

Chapter 4: Shi's Secret 

Chapter 5: The Pendant 

Chapter 6: Invitation to Barrington Cove

Chapter 7: Pleasuring Valgard

Chapter 8: Koiya's Blunder 

Chapter 9: Forbidden Fruit 

Chapter 10: Lord Darmond 

Harem Boy, Part 2 

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