Harem God of Origin - Chapter 96 - Heartless Tyrant's Path

Yun Long who was being hugged by his crying mother just hugged her back before adding "Mother, you don't need to worry about me, just talking about killing something is minor before me, after all I truly meant it when I said I didn't consider him human, to me he was just an evil spirit that needed to be exorcised before he corrupted the world anymore, I have faith in my mental and soul. I would never fall into a path where I would slaughter the innocent or lose myself in killing people" as he spoke tears leaked out of his eyes since he hated seeing tears in his mother's eyes.

Hua Mei heard his attempt to try to comfort her and it made her more upset "Long'er, even if those people were evil, you still do not need to kill them, such acts should be left for the heavens to decide…" she wanted to continue but Yun Long fiercely interrupted her…

"No mother, like I warned you when I said you needed to hide your cultivation, the one thing that exists within everyone is lust… whether it shows within them through greed, envy, jealousy and hatred. Greed being where most conflicts arise, they will greed after your beauty, the treasures that led to your heaven-defying cultivation rise. Today, do you know what I read from that man's memories?" he paused as he noticed everyone had perked up.

"That man was a serial killer and serial rapist, he would force young women who had their vital yin into forced sexual intercourse, before he sucked them dry leaving them for dead or broken to the point they wished for death, and when I read his thoughts, he was thanking the heavens that he found a gold mine in me, since he surmised that I had a treasure that defied the heavens for me to be able to give a feeling that would threaten an Emperor Profound Realm…" Yun Long said in a disgusted tone, his eyes shining with an icy glint.

Hua Mei and Dongxue felt disgusted since they knew exactly what type of person Yun Long had killed now, truly a cowardly cultivator who abuses his power in areas where he can, the type that bullies the weak and fears the strong, the type that would drag others down and into the mud so that they could rise.

"His thoughts when he saw Yue'er and Xi'er were how we was going to be rewarded heavily for finding such exquisite beauties that his Young Master can use for his dual cultivation technique, his Young Master is in fact a thousand years old and his cultivation technique completely destroys the mind and body of a girl, turning them into toys for his Young Master can then use at will, in his thoughts his exact words were '**** toys'…"

Xia Yuanba started to puke the more he listened to Yun Long speak, as Xia Hongyi fared no better as he was assisting his son. 

Dongxue felt rage that a mere mortal would have such thoughts against her Yue'er and Hua Mei was similarly disgusted, she never dreamed that in the Floating Cloud City such a calamity was close by.

She picked up on the fact that this 'Young Master' was a thousand years old, that would mean his sect had multiple monarchs, something she couldn't handle, she then noticed she was justifying the act of killing without realising how she got to that point.

"Do you understand now mother, if I had spared his worthless life, Qingyue and Lingxi would have a fate worse than death, and the Xiao Clan and Xia Clan could be part of the collateral damage from the conflict"

Yun Long's eyes turned into slits "Since I would never allow such a scenario to play out I will be ruthless, while I will keep my real side for my family and loved ones. The rest of the world will not receive that, they will face Young Master Long, who isn't looking to make friends, and is on a tyrant path to reach the peak of this Primal Chaos, and the path of an emperor is one paved by the bones of my enemies and is painted in their blood" 

Yun Long spoke slowly, as his innate nobility as the successor of the void started to ooze out a little, causing the others to feel suppressed.

Dongxue spoke up "Long'er calm down, you are subconsciously releasing your powers" her voice slightly shaky, wondering what power could make a cripple threaten her, a cultivator in the divine way.

Yun Long noticed he was harming his family and quickly stopped himself from doing anything, reeling his thoughts and anger back in hoping it would stop, to his hope it did end up stopping.

Hua Mei just spoke "Okay Long'er, mommy doesn't understand much about the real world since your father always sheltered me from it, but I can understand a little from your perspective, however it is still mommy's wish for you to remain the pure hearted little angel that is the son of Hua Mei, can you promise mommy this?" she spoke with tears running down her cheeks, a smile on her face with a faint expression of hope and deep worry.

Yun Long just smiled as he hugged her and just promised her, before Lingxi and Qingyue ran over and started to hug him and cry, after all, in their minds all of this happened because of them.

"Don't blame yourself, if it wasn't for that old beggar saying I made him feel threatened, that old pervert would've just ignored us, but never mind that, I just want to move past all this unhappy talk and celebrate my birthday! I am starving yet I see no food… do not tell me that a certain Yuanba has eaten all the food that was prepared because I am currently under a promise not to kill anyone, but I can make said person want to feel death if it is the case" Yun Long started joking so that everyone can quickly move on and change the vibe.

Xia Yuanba just shouted like his life was on the line "Ah? I promise I didn't steal any food Big Brother Long!!!"



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