Harmony (Heroine)
An exclusive bust of ever mysterious Harmony. In the timeline, her appearance onto the vigilante scene is years after the events of Lucky 7s. Profile: Name - 'Innosence Autuma' (Purported to Blaine Rocket) Age - 23 Sex - Female Race - ??? Nickname(s) - Princess, ??? Bithdate - ??? Power Type - ??? Combat Preference - Close Range Weapon Skills - Enchanted Hammer 'Gavele' Signature Skills - Willpower Transfer, Body Aura, Giga Breaker, Echo Royale Appearances - Beat Rocket Bio: A recent big name in the vigilante world that showed up on the scene about two years ago. Due to her list of feats since landing on the scene, Harmony has been growing quite the reputation for herself among the public. So much so that people debate whether or not she surpasses Shanto's abilities at the peak of her vigilante career. Harmony depending on the situation can act very mature or almost childlike. She typically likes to do handle things solo, to ensure nobody gets unnecessarily hurt. Despite handling situations on her own, Harmony appears to be very taken to the company of her fans. She also does not take too kindly to people insulting her family, which she considers a select group of people to be regardless of any actual family ties.