Harold the Suburban Magus

Hello!October's story centres on Harold Livingston, the first grand magus to be born for 400 years, as he tries to live his quiet suburban life in a  world which has moved beyond the need for magic. This story touches on all the critical and existential aspects of the human condition - bin day, shopping and litigation.

Thank you to everyone who read the Terraformation of Gestis - I'm hoping that by releasing this a whole day before the end of the month, rather than about 2 minutes before, that I'm going to be less sleepy tomorrow. WHO KNOWS!?Have a read - I hope you enjoy it. Please like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and share these stories about if you like them. If you could consider becoming a Patron I will love you forever. Feel free to leave me a comment or a message. 

Thank you!Iain