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Harp Help: Performance Ideas (Nov #1)
Hi friends! 

This is the first Harp Help video I'm "charging" to my Patreon page, which is so exciting!! I'm so pleased to be sharing this part of my journey with you, and looking forward to having some Harp Help fans join us here on Patreon as I'm sure some of them will before too long :) 

Remember that my new schedule is 3 Harp Help videos and 1 Music Video per month, so if you'd prefer to adjust your limit for the number of videos you support please feel free to do so. I don't want you to feel scammed or that you're not supporting the content you came here for! 

Either way, I'm so pleased to have you all here and I can't wait to extend our little Patreon family.  

Sending love,


P.S. I decided to release this video a few hours early for you guys here on Patreon, so you're getting the first look! :)

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