Harpy Shrieker - Process Video
As promised here is the first of my process videos! It took me all night to edit the 30+ hours of footage. Its a bit rough around the edges to be sure, I’m still ironing out what the best style will be for portraying the info. Having the close up box static helps with the comprehension of the video but it can be rather boring to watch in a live stream where there are stretches of me making selections that the viewers can’t see. On the other hand while the box that shows exactly what I’m doing is great for the streamers its play hell on the eyes of the video's viewers. Hopefully next time with a tighter edit I can avoid speeding the video up 1800 times. XD Which look do you prefer? Are their certain aspects you would like me to focus on more for the videos? I'm more than willing to do video tutorials on more specific processes if it can help other artist further advance their own skills. More to come soon, thank you so much for the support everyone!