Harry Potter Festival
Hello everyone! We had a blast at the Harry Potter Festival this past weekend! Saturday, with the nice weather, was one of the busiest days we have ever seen at any festival! Thanks to all those who stopped in and supported my art!

We sold out of the D.O.C.U.M.E.N.T.S all 800 of them and other items as well! I hope to get a few more made for Parkside Show on the 18th of November.

I hope to return to the Harry Potter Festival next year, if some changes are done to the festival. The festival coordinators have been super responsive, and wanting to know our opinions about the event. So hopefully some issues that arose this year will be changed for years to come.

I'm researching other events like this one and hope to add them to my show calendar for 2018.

Well friends, I'm also currently fighting off the flu, so I will call it a night. Later