Harry's patreon page, a new lane on the road to Eleutherya
Yes, I've done it, I set up a Patreon page. The final impulse came from EU lawmakers who, by forcing on people they're opinions, made Germany a no-go-zone for websites. The Eleutherya website currently resides on a German server, with a German registrar and thus is fully exposed to all kind of shady rent seekers, political inquisitors and opinion enforcers.
The idea is to collect enough money on here, so I can move server and registrar to a jurisdiction that is less fascistic. YOU can help make this happen, by becoming a patroen and supporting me on here.

What's in it for you?

As I am typing this only the knowledge, that you are supporting a project aiming at popularizing true voluntarism and stateless societies, a world in which aggressors will no longer be tolerated or even endorsed.

Of course, that's only the beginning. In the coming days and weeks I will post audio-novels, that tell the story of what happened up until the time in which "Eleutherya - the game / sim" starts off. The series of audio-novels will feature, among other aspects of the story, the history of "Harry" and the "Harry Rose" foundation, how he became a renegade and enemy of the empire and an anchor for freedom in an electric universe.

Yes, that's right ... while all current games, space game or otherwise, are building on the old paradigm of a cosmos controlled entirely by the force of gravity, "Eleutherya" will break new ground, not only in promoting individual freedom, but in building a virtual universe, that is based on the knowledge of the electric universe and plasma cosmology. No black holes, no big-bang creation myth, just the facts as they are known today.

For a first post this should suffice, I could imagine adding some more details in the near future, so make sure to stay in touch. Preferably, if you are so inclined, by supporting me on here.

Thank you. Stay tuned.