Harts Pass No. 333
My first official post for backers at the $1 early access Eternal GRRRattitude level. Whether it happens near or far from home, I love getting ideas from current events -- especially when the "wild" of the world shows up in unexpected places. $2 backers and beyond, you get the inside scoop!
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No special rewards, but thank you VERY much for supporting the strip! As a Patron of any kind you will see my public posts 3 days earlier than others.

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My continued and boisterous thanks, but with access to additional process pieces, sketches, and other Harts Pass related doodles.
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Tiers 1 & 2 of course, plus access to a PDF of the original Welcome to Harts Pass collection, HQ digital downloads, and occasional other random sneak peeks of my non-comic work-in-progress. PS Shipping address requested for the occasional postcard doodle mailed your way!

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