HarvestCraft 1.7.10j Bug Fix or Bust Update

1.7.10j - Bug Fix or Bust

- Major Change: All previously Palm tree-style fruit trees have been re-coded to act like/look like normal fruit trees. This fixes sapling issues, bonemeal issues, and spawning issues. Previously generated Palm trees will exsist fine but newly generated and/or bonemealed trees will take the new normal tree shape. RIP Palm trees
- Change: Candied Lemon recipe now requires Bakeware instead of Saucepan
- Config Option: You can change the amount of Baits gained from recipes - fishtrapbaitrecipeamount, grainbaitrecipeamount, veggiebaitrecipeamount, fruitbaitrecipeamount - Default: 4
- Config Option: You can change the amount of Fresh Water from buckets again - freshwaterfrombucket - Default: 1
- Config Option: You can now disable special farmland needs of water crops - enablecropspecialplanting - Default: true (If true, seed planting doesn't work on farmland. If false, crop planting doesn't work on water. No matter how it's set, previously planted crops on water *only* will stay)
- Fix: You can now correctly turn off/on HarvestCraft fish with enableharvestcraftfish
- Fix: Juicer and Saucepan can now be crafted in any part of the crafting grid instead of just in the middle
- Fix: Config option cropsdropSeeds now works BUT you need to set rightclickharvestCrop to false, else the game uses the dropped crop item to re-plant the crop, leaving you only seeds.