"Harvester of Suffering"
Here's another new artwork for the month of October.
  • $1+ Patrons will receive this image in a variety of specially formatted sizes for desktop and mobile phone backgrounds. Plus previews of new art I have in the works. 
  • $5+ Patrons also get access to this Photoshop document (low res), custom brushes I used in making this, mood and reference boards, and a guided process breakdown of how I created this image. 
  • $10+ Patrons will also receive the full resolution file of this image.
    It's 7000x4000 pixels and suitable for print up to 24"x14"!!!
  • $? I'm still working on trying to figure out  if it's feasible to offer limited edition prints as a Patreon tier. The more I'm learning though, the more I'm leaning toward either running a Kickstarter for prints or printing them on demand.