Hasteroids & GLFX Status

Feb 10, 2018

Today I want to share my progresses on Hasteroids and the GLFX Library, a game oriented Hollywood library that uses OpenGL to speedup graphics.

As you can see from the video I've added the following features:
  • Added Lifes counter
  • Added collisions between rocks & player ship
  • Player ship explodes when hitted by a rock
  • Player ship respawns with a grace time
  • Game Over scene and back to Title scene
  • Source code available for Patrons¬†

Nest steps will be:

  • I'd like to add an animation when player ship respawns
  • Level completed scene
  • Mechanics for next levels
  • Flying saucers¬†

DISCLAIMER : Graphics are not mine, they are taken from internet and will be replaced before the public release!

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