Haunted Mansion Ballroom Dancers
Right now I'm working on a Haunted Mansion series, and so I picked my favorite couple from the ballroom scene. I am in no way affiliated with Disney.
Tier Benefits
Guppy Groupie
$1 or more per month
You will get my undying gratitude and access to Larp House Mermaid Music, which is song I make with just my pipes whenever I can- covered or original- like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmKDTC8hFmQ

You also get access to the Patrons-only  Facebook group (search "Larp House Patreon Heroes")  where you guys can all talk to each other and I constantly answer questions and post behind the scenes stuff! Even if you stop your support, you still get to stay in this group. IMPORTANT: You HAVE to answer the questions asked when you request to join the Facebook group, or I won't know who you are!

You will be able to join in on the monthly Movie Night livestreams once I get the internet setup to handle them!

Some people may think that $1 pledges aren't important or helpful- but it actually takes a lot of pressure off of us! Having 1000 $1 pledges is a LOT more sustainable than having 50 $20 pledges, so thank you in advance!

$2 or more per month
Once we reach the "Pimp Your LARP" goal, We will be able to give your game a makeover! The more people from your LARP who subscribe, the better your chance will be!

About two times a year, depending on the patronage, we will either send or personally bring props, costumes and effects- including custom made Larp House goods! Starting out with revamping a single faction/race/culture of your game. (It also depends on how big your game is) The more patrons we get, the bigger the makeovers will be.
Legendary Legionnaire
$5 or more per month
In addition to the other rewards, you will gain:

.Entry into Larp House Giveaways! You will be entered into the raffles to win LARP related items, costuming, and props valued at $50 or more, the first of which was our fabled Magic Rock Cup! We try for once a month, but if we miss a month due to craziness, you can bet that the next giveaway will make up for it!

.Access to the Larp House Workshop! Behind the scenes experimentation with props, travel footage, and early releases of some videos!

*unfortunately I cannot afford to cover shipping yet ^^'

Fantasy Hero
$10 or more per month
In addition to the other rewards, you will receive:

. You will be entered twice into the Larp House Giveaways unless otherwise stated

.I will edit a pic of you as your LARP Character into an image worthy of a YA Fantasy Novel cover, based on your character's story, personality, and abilities like the examples in the video. I will try to do one per month per person!

Send an email to  [email protected] with your chosen picture and some info about the character, and make SURE the subject title is "Fantasy Hero Reward"

Travel Guide
$15 or more per month
Get an actual, physical themed gift when I travel out of the country I live in for a LARP game! Usually it will be something I make, sometimes it will include little presents from the country.

Examples so far:

College of Wizardry reward: A wand, one of five designs- four of which were Patron submissions brought to the world by my art hands

Havenhollow Japan: A rubber and foam fox mask plus a video tutorial about how to paint it!

NOTE: These usually feature custom made items and so they can take a bit of time to complete- After some trial and error it has become clear that the best option is for patrons to get one package at the end of the year with all travel gifts at once! Up to 3 gifts, and you only need to pledge for 4 months per gift. 

*unfortunately it has also become clear that I cannot afford to cover shipping yet ^^'

Game Master
$20 or more per month
In addition to the other rewards, you will have:

.Personalized video responses from Cheyenne- Ask a question and I will answer! I will answer at least one per $20 Patron per month, (submitted through Patreon OR by emailing  [email protected]) and as many other as I'm able to!

.You will be entered three times into the "Pimp Your Larp" seasonal drawings once we reach that goal!

.You will be entered three times into the regular Larp House Giveaways unless otherwise stated!

.At the end of the year, you may pick from any travel guide reward that was made with a mold, if it is still suitable for casting from!

*unfortunately I cannot afford to cover shipping yet ^^'

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