Haunts from Beyond the Grave
Greetings everyone!

Yesterday, I officially returned to work full time, and I'm already slaving away for your gaming pleasure. 

I've just posted up a  new 20 Things article by the guest designer David N. Ross. If you need haunts for the graveyards in your campaign check out 8 Haunts for a Creepy Graveyard . (The article is--of course-included in your complimentry copy of 20 Things #10: Creepy Graveyards  which should have reached you last week. 

Over the festive break, I've also been trying my hand at infographics and presenting some of the articles and information we present in a more visual format. I've attached to this post my first attempt at such a graphic and I'd love to get your opinion on what you think? Would you like dressing-style lists in a similar format? I'll also post up the graphic as a picture post here on patreon in a moment.

Thank You!

Thank you for continuing to support Raging Swan Press. It means the world to me.

I also want to thank Matt, Robert DeMercurio, Antony McEwan and Matthew Cox for all joining us recently. I'm delighted to have you all aboard. 

We are now on the way to our next stretch goal. Hopefully in the near future, I'll be able to report to you all that we are now paying 11 cents a word to our freelance designers. That would be beyond awesome!

Black Wyvern

Later this week, we'll be releading Village Backdrop: Black Wyvern. And remember, all patrons at the $2 level and up receive all three versions of the village (Pathfinder, 5e and System Neutral Edition) as part of their pledge. See you all on Friday!