hay bale and dark oak planks
It's another resource pack update!

This time, I updated the dark oak planks and the hay bales. 

I tend to make art for things as I encounter them in the game, and we just found some llamas that need feeding. The spiral top comes from round hay bales. I might tweak this texture later - I'm not quite satisfied with the look of the string.

I'd made the wood textures previously, so I was surprised when I discovered that the dark oak planks still had their default texture. All of the planks in my pack have distinctly different colors. It's more fun to build with that way. This one is the least natural color yet. (Spruce was the previous winner - those planks are a purplish red. Or a reddish purple.) 

dark oak planks

dark oak planks, next to the corresponding trees

 another view of the hay bales! 

There's also a download of the current pack for backers here.

There will be another update later this week - I have new beetroot soup, cooked and raw mutton, and rotten flesh (yuck!) as well as other things yet to be made.