HBC = standing on the shoulders of giants
It is time to pledge our allegiance to sustaining our Spaceship Earth. Otherwise, it doesn't matter what group (s) / organizations one belongs

The Heart Beacon Cycle Time — Space Meter USPTO 13/573,002 is built standing on the shoulders of giants. Milton Friedman and his K% rule, Admiral “Amazing Grace” Hopper and the world’s first computer compiler and the alpha-numeric brevity codes still ideal for today’s Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence... not to mention telemetry with E. T’s who are thought to use artificial intelligence drones to explore the vast, perilous expanse.

Few know that Edison and Henry Ford recommended a national currency based on a commodity index. Edison thought that crops held their values best over time. Economist Bernard Lietaer’s TERRA Trade Reference Currency is ideal given the rise of Bitcoin and the Blockchain’s micro-payment capability. Buckminster Fuller and his Spaceship Earth vision makes him a giant of sustainability. The Heart Beacon Cycle is a Signals and Telemetry annex for Buckminster Fuller’s Operations Manual for Spaceship Earth.

These luminaries standing on a systems of systems framework built with systems engineering synchronizing NATO — with improvements such as Bitcoin, Internet, Internet of Money,… forms Sustainability’s Mount Rushmore if you will...

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