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HDD vs. SSD - Is The Upgrade Really Worth It?
What a fun show! First of all, Internet was up and running without fail following our LTE modem unlocking last week. That was a great feeling! The broadcast was pretty seamless, and Internet seemed responsive throughout.

This week I wanted to carry on showing viewers how to breathe new life into an old computer. The comment was made in the chat room during Episode 449 that an SSD is another great way to enhance the performance of an old machine. So, don't take our word for it! Let's actually test the theory: are SSD's really worth the upgrade? We compared the stock 5400 RPM Hard Drive with a beautiful Kingston HyperX Savage 480 GB SSD Hard Drive. I expected the demonstration to be impressive, but I never expected the difference to be this notable. Don't miss it!

Jeff and I had a blast talking about several topics: from sound systems for your home entertainment system to Free Comic Book Day and vacations in the Caribbean (yeah, he's still rubbing it in).

Oh yeah, and we also learned how to make episode thumbnails by observing the success of Netflix's Unbreakable with Kimmy Schmidt.

Enjoy the show, and thank you for your continued support of The Category5 TV Network!

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- Robbie