HE Retrospective Part 2: Let's Explore the Jungle!
Thank you guys so much for the support as always, I'm really glad I'm keeping up with my new years resolution to release 2 vids every month this year. So far so good!

As always, let me know what you think, share it around, and enjoy! Thanks again~
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Just for being a Patron, you get to watch little bonus videos (that you won't ever be charged for) a week or so before anyone else, you get access to Patron only content and updates, credits in the description of every video, and you can join me on steam where we can play Valve games and other stuff together, and you can message me personally via steam or Patreon!
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Previous rewards for the 1$ tier, but you get a shout out in the video itself, not just the description.
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Advertising shout outs! Obviously you join the Steam Group as well, and shout outs, and if you make any kind of KOSHER content I can link to it in the video or description, and mention it in the end slate of vids. I trust you know what I mean by Kosher. I can't link to porn. No matter how well made it is. Sorry. Love you. You have to provide links and info to me through messenger on Patreon, don't forget. We'll discuss the details via Patreon's messager. I like to do only 1 or 2 per video, so everyone gets a fair amount of emphasis. Don't worry, I'll get around to everyone who asks.
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All previous rewards, and you get access to the EmceeProphIt Discord coming early January. It'll be the best place to post suggestions, feedback, requests and just pester me.
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All the earlier rewards, AND you can get access to a private preview of some footage of a review every now and then BEFORE the final version goes up! And you can give me feedback on the work so far.  (PS: Obviously, please don't download or share these previews. I don't wanna spoil it for everyone else. :) )
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