Headed to the UK!!
Hi friends. The past few weeks have been a bit nuts getting ready for this trip...we are going to England because Chuck's book, TEOTFW, is being made into a TV series. I know right!!?? Is this real life??? We are going to get to be on set watching them film. It will air in the UK and then on Netflix. It's insane. And I get to go along for the ride. I still can't believe it's happening. So, I was going to try to get issue 6 done before the trip, but that didn't happen, I'm so sorry! When we get back in a week I'll get it to you asap. I'll try to post sketches/photos of our trip too. Also I brought pages of The Weight to work on, we'll see if any gets done. Love you guys. Thanks again for supporting me here and helping me survive while drawing. It means the world to me. XO MM