Heading north with Bunny, Frog and Roo
I'm writing to you from a rest stop somewhere between Willows and Redding on the I5 north. This past week has been packed to the gills just like Bunny (my car) is now :-) We did a 2 day recording session for three songs from the coming album with Drummer Dale Fanning and producer AJ McKinley, a super fun video shoot picnic with friends on Albany Hill (footage is amazing! Expect that video early in the summer!), preparing Tina the RV to sell and selling her, and packing up my life in the Bay to head to Canada land for a time. Just wanted to drop a note and make sure you watched the Old River and Wide video I sent you! Did ya? If you like, please share! If you know someone who might like to patronize my music for $1/song my goal is 30 new $1 patrons in April. Spread the good word! Tomorrow I'll arrive in Invermere BC to my 8 nieces and nephews, 3 half sisters, mum, stepdad, and my sister Josehine who I'll be working around the clock for over the weekend building a website for her new little shop and salon: La Petite Spa Boutique. Love and chocolate covered espresso beans, Maddy #Bunny4Bernie