Headmaster's Chambers Chapters

Not a week after being admitted midterm to Valemont Academy for Distinguished Young Men, Kyoshi is sent to Headmaster Sho Mitsuwa for discipline. What happens behind the closed doors of Mitsuwa's private chambers? Find out in Best-Selling Author Kira Takenouchi's salaciously controversial yaoi novel, In the Headmaster's Chambers, Part 1. 

Music: Theme to Headmaster's Chambers 

Chapter 1: Disciplining Kyoshi 

Chapter 2: The Invisible Line 

Chapter 3: The Sixteenth Strike

Chapter 4: Over the Line 

Chapter 5: A Night at the Swan

Chapter 6: Coitus and Caprice 

Chapter 7: Blood and Tears 

Chapter 8: Sho's Remorse 

Chapter 9: The Ethics of Fucking

Chapter 10: Lover's Spat 

Chapter 11: The Tournament 

Chapter 12: Sho's Jealousy 

Chapter 13: Pinned 

Chapter 14: Confessions and Revelations 

Chapter 15: Inside Sayuki 

Chapter 16: Cutting Loose 

Headmaster's Chambers, Part 2 

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