Heads Up! New Blog Series, also Major Project

Hi all!

I'm about to start HBX CORe, Harvard Business School's online pre-MBA program. I'll be writing weekly blog posts about my studies, aiming to reflect what I learned through more feminist, queer, artsy lenses.

The posts will be once a week for about14 weeks ish, and I charge per project (so in this case, per week, not including any additional creative work in between) so if you need to adjust your payment settings go ahead! 

Also if you know of anyone who'd like a look at introduction to business studies through not-so-capitalistic eyes, encourage them to sign up as a patron!  I'm hoping to defray the costs of the program (which is...significant) so any help is useful.

As for the major project: some of you would have already seen this, but I've made a site to reflect my big goal for the year:

Get Me Outta Here!