HEADS UP: Powerbomb tier ($20) going up in price in July.
So the interest in the $20 definitely exceeded my expectations and it filled up right away. I'm super thankful for that, of course, and I'm really excited to be able to record more of these videos with people each month -- but I do feel as though I underpriced the tier initially because I wasn't sure how much interest there would be. Therefore, in one month when the June payments finish processing, the price of the Powerbomb tier will be increasing, starting in July. There will be a new $20 tier to take its place, and hopefully it's something you'll all appreciate. I apologize for any confusion!! If you're a $20 supporter for the month of June, don't worry, this change is occurring next month. You're still guaranteed a video once June concludes!! If you're a $20 supporter for last month, May, check the other post and get in contact with me so we can start setting those up. Thanks again everyone!! I love you and I appreciate every little bit of support you all give us. -Eliza