Heal the Past
Today's Angel Message:  Lots of energies at play this month - and if you are feeling odds and off of sorts - no thanks to Mercury Retrograde.

It is all not lost, but being aware that we ourselves are energy, and that we interact with ALL energy is important.  This allows us to understand ourselves better and prepare to deal with other people - who may be disconnected from their spiritual journey.

The good news.  Archangel Raphael over sees planet Mercury, so we are in good hands.  (yes... it's a whole universe out there and each planet - as everything on Earth are 'assigned' angels)  

TODAY, be particularly careful in your interactions involving all sorts of agreements and contracts.   Don't be eager to sign right away....  read the fine print.

This is time to revisit old feelings, thoughts and behaviors in order to re-work them and identify what needs to be changed and what needs to be released.  Call upon Archangel Raphael to help  you heal old wounds.  

Don't worry when dates cancel, phone calls randomly drop... or plans don't work out.  Mercury going retrograde now ... specially with Spring upon us, serves as a wake up call to get back on your spiritual path.

Use this time to re-think your THINKING.  Mercury energy rules over communication and the throat chakra; so when Mercury goes retrograde, it tends to unearth secrets and old pains of the past  ...and if you are not aware of this 'energy', you may say things that you later regret.

 TODAY God reminds you...  there is a time and place for everything.