Healing with Friends + Business LABS + Amplified Gifting
I have a great deal of interest in experimenting with both Life and Business to actively create more harmony and integration from multiple perspectives. I think we can tell when we're on the right path when we're laughing and in our creative flow with some moments of release and shifting.  We are all on our own path, and can learn from each other.  I do love sharing tools for transformation and hearing your experiences and ideas!

It's a good thing love healing together so much, as that a big part of what I'm up to lately.  I've been working on healing myself and bringing more light to our communities.  Although I've been giving a bit more time to personal healing lately, even going more quite and inward, I'm coming more and more to feel the joyful release in sharing healing experiences with groups of people.   

The EFT with Friends event was heart warning and a beautiful way to connect with compassion to our own hearts and to each other.  What a lovely way to kick off the week! We are meeting again next week and each Monday, at least till SXSW.  This donation based event is upstairs in the Gallery at the beautiful East Austin Wellness & Events Space, Soma Vida.  

EFT with Friends - Monday Evenings @ Soma Vida

Attend our

next event in Austin.

And sign up for my EFT specific email list for tips on more advanced personal practice and support with community and individual sessions. 

Speaking of more awesome content, 

Live Business LABS is coming to Austin, January 26th and February 2nd - 2 Tuesdays to build your marketing template collection to easily edit, print & post designs for your business.  - We are exploring CANVA, a web-based design tool while working on our messaging and brand in a community of independent business people. 

CANVA - easy web design to build your marketing toolkit with customized templates - Reserve your seat for BOTH Tuesdays,  just $40 (half off) - or $25 for one.  

Join brytenUp, our free facebook group and community of playful people, experimenting to brytenUp our lives.

I'm all about giving back, so in addition to offering half price for these two LABS, I'm giving back to those who need scholarship  for Business LABS. These labs are normally $40 each, so when I hit $40/mo in Pateron donations, I'll save two seats (amplified gifting -  A gift that keeps on giving!!) each month for a business owner in need.  I'll be sure to take photos - if they want to, and post them to the updates.  

Remember, these live business LABS are the research and development arena for what to cover on video.  Your gift helps me create community, share tools and resources and foster independent business growth.  - chip in here

Healing Family Systems with Constellations

Speaking of amplified gifting, I'm hosting Gwendolyn Terra at Soma Vida to share a basic introduction to and experience of Family Constellation work.  I hosted her with quite a turn out in December, and are blessed to offer this FREE Introduction.

Thursday, January 28th, 7PM @ Soma Vida - invite friends here.

That's a lot going on this week, and so much more to come!  If you have suggestions for topics to cover and feedback, please share!  In fact, I'd love to have you vote on your favorites or nominate your own. Go on, collaborate and share your thoughts. I'm in this for our community, and each of our voices are important - I'd love to hear your questions, suggestions and ideas in the comments below - and on our monthly online allies video conference for $10/mo and up supporters.

I hope you enjoy this video of Lisa Rankin, giving her Ted Talk about the power of self healing, join me in person at one of my live events above, or join the Patreon Community to actively support community healing and amplified giving.

Thanks for all that you do to make this a bryter world.