This last month has been particularly hard. I've been seeing doctors and trying to get myself better and not much has been helping. While this was causing problems, I was still able to get my monthly comic out on time. 

Last week that changed. I woke up feeling a deep sadness and a fear I have never felt before. My heart was beating rapidly and I could do nothing to calm myself down. This feeling continued and intensified as the days went on and I could not function. My doctor came to my house and was puzzeled as to what could be going wrong. I found myself constantly crying my eyes out and feeling scared out of my mind and nothing  did could stop it. On Sunday I had been in such dissarray that I had forgotten to take all of my mediction. Just as I was about to check myself into the hospital I began to start feeling better. The longer I went without taking my medication, the better I started to feel. It was clear that my two depression medications were interacting and causing the issue. The worst of the issue is over, and I avoided the hospital, but as it stands now I have no depression medication to take and my emotions are a little all over the place. I am also incredibly tired from the whole experience and have been sleeping quite a bit as I recover. 

I don't know what that means for the comic for this month. If I can get my head sorted, maybe I can have it posted later on in the month. I'm afraid I have no photo projects in the works nor do I have the physical ability to do them at the moment. 

I knew my health would be an issue from the beginning of this patreon experiment, but I couldn't have predicted anything like this. If anyone wants to withdraw their support I completely understand. There will be no blame or hard feelings. 

I am going to try my hardest to get this all sorted quickly and get some cool things posted for you as soon as my health allows, but I have no time frame on that as of yet. I hope you understand. Thank you for reading this. I will keep you updated as things progress. 

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