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Healthcare Is HILARIOUS! May 10 2018 edition - VICTOR MONTORI!
This week, Healthcare is HILARIOUS has its first guest - and he’s a big get! 

Victor Montori!

Victor’s an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic, and also the author of a call for a rebellion in healthcare, “Why We Revolt: A Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care

We talked about how that “careful and kind care” might come to be - which put me in mind of a project called the Right Care Alliance that’s working toward the same goal. 

The Right Care Alliance defines right care as “a human right. It places the health and wellbeing of patients first. Right Care is affordable and effective. It is compassionate, honest, and safe. Right Care brings healing and comfort to patients, and satisfaction to clinicians. Achieving Right Care will require radically transforming how care is delivered and financed.” They have a national campaign going on insulin prices right now, you can join the party!

Speaking of “The Best Medical Care in the World” (yeah, right), read this horrifying, heartbreaking piece in the New England Journal of Medicine. Wowzer.


Only one headline this week, and it’s also the weekly rant - two for one! 

60 Minutes ran one hell of a piece this past Sunday, The problem with prescription drug prices. Let’s make greed-head pharma companies, and the pharmacy benefits manager mob who are their price enforcers, a prime target for the revolution, shall we?


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