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Healthcare Is HILARIOUS! - Premier episode!

Apr 1, 2018

Welcome to the party, folks! 

Here's the very first, maiden voyage, debut/premier edition of Healthcare Is HILARIOUS! For the first month, this show will be public - starting in May 2018, with the May 3 ep, it will be for Patreon patrons on Thursdays, available on Soundcloud sometime later, depending on my mood/schedule.

Here are the stories I talk about in this edition:

Civil Rights Chief At HHS Defends The Right To Refuse Care On Religious Grounds - NPR 

Getting Sick Can Be Really Expensive, Even for the Insured - The Upshot | NY Times 

Medicare Hospital Discharges Decline, but Observation Stays Rise, Avalere Finds - Focus Blog | American Journal of Managed Care 

Apple's plan to put health records on your phone has huge implications for medicine - CNBC 

Electronic medicine can send you test results quickly. But what if they’re scary? - Washington Post 

Why health data is SO valuable [referenced in my remarks about Apple's new "shiny object" for patients to store/share their medical records] - read about my POV in my piece on Medium about "Keep Calm & Sell Your Data" 

This edition's Tweetalicious story, "Niam and David and Casey, O My!"

The original piece (by Niam) that started the party 

My "oh, yeah? You're wrong and here's why!" response 

Having a fight with someone can lead to friendship, IF you're willing to talk about it  (there's a link to the full Google Hangout vid in this, too, if you're really dedicated to getting ALL of the context)

Niam Yaraghi, Weiguang Wang, Gordon Gao, and Ritu Agarwal's terrific article, How Online Quality Ratings Influence Patients’ Choice of Medical Providers: Controlled Experimental Survey Study on the Journal of Medical Internet Research in March, 2018 - what happens when you listen to smart patients!


Mighty Casey Media LLC (duh)

Music: Movin On Up ~ Podington Bear [licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License] 


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