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Hearing Aids for $99?!
I'm back! I feel refreshed after a nice vacation in cottage country.

I really looked forward to this week's show. It was really weird having a Tuesday off.

So how's your hearing? Any trouble in that department? What about your loved ones? Any of them having trouble hearing you when you sing them sweet lullabies?

Here's the thing: Hearing Aids can be brutally expensive. So much so that it is often prohibitive, and a lot of folks live with degraded hearing and struggle to carry conversations with their loved ones on account of it. It can also be a relatively onerous experience to obtain Hearing Aids: from the medial referral to the auditory examination and ear molds. Oh my, I'm exhausted just thinking of it! Wouldn't it be nice if you could just get a product that works well and can be bought and tweaked by you?

Jabees has figured out a solution: They've introduced their innovative new AMPSound Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds which include not just fantastic sound for your music (featuring aptX technology) and handsfree telephone calling, but also an unmatched (at this price-point) dual-microphone noise reduced, automatic gain controlled sound amplifier to help you hear better.

This week, Jeff and I take a look at the prototype and show you how to get your pair for as little as just $99 --significantly less money than any hearing amplifier of this quality we've ever seen.

We also have some great discussions over the news this week as Jeff Weston takes on the roll. I'm loving how the "teleprompter" looks on the news. It's almost like he's looking into your soul.  ;)

Enjoy the show, and thanks for all your continued support!!